Album Cover
The Real Houseboys of Beverly Hills
So Long Davey
Released: Oct 2, 2012
Label: So Long Davey
Track Listing
1 Making Out
2 The Real Houseboys of Beverly Hills
3 6AM (In My Room)
4 Jenny
5 Neil, You've Lost Your Touch
6 Change The World
7 Silver Bullet
8 Fever
9 Truth Or Dare
10 California Song

Liner Notes

After 6,000 records copies of their debut two EP's sold, So Long Davey came forward to began writing music for their first full length album. They enlisted the help of producer/engineer Kyle Black (Neon Trees, Paramore, The Spilt Canvas) to produce the project. The result was 'The Real Houseboys of Beverly Hills', a pop-rock art album packed from first to last with ambition and talent to match. From the hook heavy leading single "Making Out" to the guitar riff perfection in the title track, it's hard to deny So Long Davey of their lastest feat: making on killer album. The gems come from their 80's-influenced productions "6AM (In My Room)" and "Fever" where lead singer David Vaughn and guitarist James Austin channel their inner Prince and The Revolution, Police, and Michael Jackson. But it's not an impression, it's an impressive original, both a dance and rock catacalism that makes a mainstream lasting pop indentation. So Long Davey (and producer Kyle Black) revisit their pop punk roots in "Change The World" and "Neil, You've Lost Your Touch" where Vaughn performs a scathing tirade against the guy in the story, yelling: "Neil, I know you act so butthurt, buddy / like you didn't lie and cheat to every who ever gave you the time of day / well, just keep dissapearing kid, cuz this crowd will sing along." But the band gets nice again on sweet and haunting "Truth Or Dare" which depicts the untimely loss of a close friend.

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